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The Flash trailer blows up the DC movie multiverse at FanDome

Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, and Ezra Miller (?) headline the cast

Matt Patches is an executive editor at Polygon. He has over 15 years of experience reporting on movies and TV, and reviewing pop culture.

The DC comic book multiverse will collide in 2022’s The Flash, a spectacle that, judging from the first trailer out of DC FanDome, hopes to put the best parts of Zack Snyder’s “DCEU” to good use. From director Andy Muschietti (It) and screenwriter Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey, Batgirl), the movie finds Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen at the nexus between his world and one where none other than Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne from 1989’s Batman protects the streets. Miller was on hand to introduce the trailer, despite also being on the set of the movie, which is currently in production.

The Flash is based on the infamous DC Comics storyline Flashpoint. In the comics, Barry Allen wakes up in a very different DC Universe. Superman seems to not exist. Aquaman’s home of Atlantis is at war with Wonder Woman’s people in Themyscira. In Gotham City, Bruce Wayne was murdered in front of his parents’ eyes, and his father, Thomas Wayne, became the Dark Knight instead. Barry is the only person who remembers what once was, leaving him and his reality-bending speed to try and undo whatever happened.

Ezra Miller as The Flash of two dimensions and the new Supergirl Sasha Calle stand in the batcave Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Rounding out the cast for The Flash are Ron Livingston as Barry’s dad Henry (replacing Billy Crudup); Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, who returns from the Snyder Cut of Justice League; Temuera Morrison as Aquaman’s dad Tom Curry; and newcomer Sasha Calle as Supergirl.

The Flash will also see the triumphant return of Ben Affleck under his version of the Bat cowl. In August 2020, Muschietti told Vanity Fair that the character was “a very substantial part of the emotional impact of the movie. The interaction and relationship between Barry and Affleck’s Wayne will bring an emotional level that we haven’t seen before.”

The Flash is set for theatrical release on Nov. 4, 2022.