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Pack your cheeks alongside Greedent in Pokémon Unite’s new Halloween event

The Poké-MOBA is getting a new character and Halloween skins starting Oct. 20

Pokémon Unite is gearing up to celebrate the macabre, just like the rest of us. While the event runs from Oct. 20 to Nov. 10, fans can jump into Pokémon Unite and pick up some ghoulish skins and costumes for their Pokémon in the game’s first Halloween Festival. Most notably, Greedent, the squirrel Pokémon, will join the game’s growing roster.

While we’re light on exact details for the Halloween Festival, the event’s new trailer shows off a host of skins and effects. First, we see the arena covered in pumpkins carved after Pokémon, and there’s a variety of moves that come with new pumpkin effects. It’s unclear if these are special effects for the festival itself, or if they’ll play year-round while wearing Halloween skins — some skins say they come with special effects, so it’s likely tied to the costumes themselves.

The skins range from spooky, to occupational, to cold-weather hipster. We see Lucario in a Zorro-esque costume, Blastoise shows off its cool firefighter costume, and Charizard gets a simple knit hat and scarf — not that it’d need that much help keeping warm. There are a variety of other skins as well, including Slowbro in a sweater and more. Of course, there will also be Halloween-y ways to customize your trainer and profile as well.

We only see Greedent for a moment, and it’s currently unclear if the new Pokémon will appear in-game on Oct. 20 or sometime later in the event. We see it use some kind of seed-spitting ability, and eat a berry before jumping and dealing a large amount of area damage.

Fans will learn more and discover the Festival’s scary and cozy new secrets when the event launches on Oct. 20.

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