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Master Chief from Halo on a graphic pixelated green background

Welcome to Halovember ... Infinite

Let’s Gregorian chant our way through the galaxy of Halo

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Master Chief’s laconic nature makes him the perfect video game action hero

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Halo’s best story happened way before Master Chief

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Polygon draws their own Master Chiefsonas

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Halo Infinite saves the series by finally doing something different

Wait, why are we mad at Cortana? Seven things to remember before you play Halo Infinite

‘The little Banshee driver’: A 10-year-old girl’s quest for kills in Halo 2 on Xbox Live

An oral history of the iconic ‘Halo 3: Believe’ diorama, including a version fans never saw

Halo is at its best when it embraces horror

A collage of images including a fake version of Halo for Mac operating systems, a strange confidential document with Waluigi on it, Steve Jobs wearing a gamer headset and holding a Mountain Dew, and a curvaceous portable console.

What if Halo had been a Mac exclusive?

Pringles has Halo-themed flavors and I tried them

The Halo games that weren’t

Halo 3 Legendary Edition’s helmet was cat head-sized, for some reason

Master Chief’s pee is stored in the suit

Halo Infinite’s long, messy fight to save the series

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The Halo 3 Game Fuel fandom is dying

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The subtle ways the War on Terror has crept into Halo

The complete ranking of the mainline Halo games, including Halo Infinite

Halo’s Arbiter is the perfect counterpoint to Metal Gear Solid’s Raiden

Have you ever wondered if Halo 3 has weed in it? This person has

Everything you need to know about Halo

Every Covenant race in Halo, explained

Ranking the Covenant aliens from Halo by how much I want to smooch them

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Halo is back.

The month of November is upon us, and nothing evokes an alien Covenant, galaxy-destroying rings, and super soldiers in big green suits quite like a nice fall breeze. It may be regular old November to the rest of the world, but to Polygon, it’s Halovember.

For the entirety of 2021’s penultimate month, we’ll explain the world that Bungie built and 343 Industries now controls, leading up to Halo Infinite’s release on Dec. 8. We’ll show you a legible version of the Halo universe’s timeline, explain The Covenant and then rank them by how hot they are, and explore exactly how Master Chief pees in that suit.

If you followed Wario during his tenure at Polygon, you know that you should bookmark this page and check it regularly for new Halo stories. Whether you’re new to this sci-fi epic about a big quiet man and his computer friend, or you spent every Saturday night of the early 2000s at Halo LAN parties (ask your parents), Halovember is here for you.

Let’s explore Installation 04 together, Spartan.