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Dimension 20’s next season is a 4-part series called Shriek Week

Game master Gabe Hicks kicks things off Nov. 10

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The experienced team of role-players at Dimension 20 have a new series dropping in November. It’s called Dimension 20: Shriek Week, and it takes place in an all new setting called Bram University. Game developer and voice actor Gabe Hicks will be acting as game master (GM) for the four-episode arc, which will be available only to subscribers of starting Nov. 10.

Dimension 20 is a Dungeons & Dragons actual play troupe created by Brennan Lee Mulligan (College Humor) that stars a revolving cast of players and GMs. If you’ve never had the pleasure of following along with one of their adventures, this mini-campaign sounds like a great place to get started.

Shriek Week tells the story of four college seniors looking for “romance, purpose, and (sometimes) blood” says a news release. The setting is Bram University, the historically haunted institution that caters to “monsters and the children of horror icons.” Expect playful terror and plenty of cryptids. The cast includes Ify Nwadiwe (Dimension 20: Escape From the Bloodkeep), Dani Fernandez (Ralph Breaks the Internet), Lily Du (Dimension 20: Tiny Heist), and Ally Beardsley (Dimension 20: Fantasy High). The series will also feature a new game system, the Mythic system, created by Hicks. You’ll be able to learn all about it in the premiere episode.

If you’re looking to sample Dimension 20 content, a good place to start is with the portion of its back catalog available on YouTube. That includes personal favorite Dimension 20: The Unsleeping City, which takes place in a fantastical version of modern-day New York City. GM Hicks has also appeared on a Dimension 20 podcast, Adventuring Academy, to talk about his work and his process. You’ll be able to see more of his design work soon when Into The Motherlands, an exciting new Afrofuturist TTRPG rulebook, is published.

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