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Critical Role Campaign 3: meet the characters picking up after Exandria Unlimited

Wait, who let that robot in here?

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The full cast of Critical Role surrounded by the production crew. Photo: Chris Lockey/Critical Role

After their brief hiatus for the Exandria Unlimited eight-part series, Critical Role Campaign Three marks the return of the larger, sprawling campaigns the channel is known for. Matt Mercer (Overwatch, American Dad!) reprises his role as Dungeon Master after his brief stint as Dariax Zaveon and brings his elegant world-building and intricate story-telling back to the table. With just one episode in the books, things are still getting started. So, while we may not know what the main thrust of the story is just yet, we certainly do have a fun bunch of characters.

Campaign Three is set in a region known as Marquet, a beautiful and varied continent made up of scorching deserts, tropical jungle land, and twisted mountain ranges. Marquet brings us one of the most interesting locations in Critical Role’s history: The bustling city of Jrusar, where our story begins, described by Mercer as “five tower-like mountains that reach for the heavens … a singular city connected by bridge and cable.” It’s a truly distinct metropolis that provides a dynamic backdrop to this campaign.

As for the party, well, they are made up of faces old and new. Some of the Exandria Unlimited (ExU) cast return, on a quest for the head of the Air Ashari, Keyleth, who featured heavily in campaign, while our new cast members bring their own problems to the table. Here’s a full breakdown of the party.

The cast of Critical Role Campaign 3, left to right, includes Taliesin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, Liam O’Brien, Travis Willingham, Matt Mercer, Sam Riegel, Ashley Johnson, Robbie Daymond, and Marisha Ray.
Image: Critical Role via YouTube

Fearne Calloway

Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us) reprises her role as Fearne Calloway, a satyr druid who was a delight during her time on ExU. Appearing rather timid and shy, underneath her cool exterior Fearne thrives in chaotic moments and is incredibly protective of her allies. She travels with a spirit, Little Mister, who takes the appearance of a small monkey and spent much of ExU tormenting Dariax.


Another Critical Role regular coming across from ExU is Liam O’Brien (Star Wars Rebels, League of Legends). He plays Orym, a halfling fighter who brings balance to the group, often positioning himself as the voice of reason when the party meanders towards chaos with reckless abandon. Orym may not be the life and soul of the party, but he’s definitely the one who ensures it still has a life and soul to cling onto.

Dorian Storm

The enigmatic bard Dorian Storm joins Critical Role’s third campaign as a guest star, played by Robbie Daymond (Final Fantasy 15). Given how early he has been introduced there is speculation about whether or not he’ll become part of the team full-time. One of the most likeable members of the party, he’s the one you’ll find yourself rooting for as the players delve deeper and deeper into the mysteries of Marquet.

Sir Bertrand Bell

The final of our returning characters is Sir Bertrand Bell, played by Travis Willingham (Batman: Bad Blood, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood). The actor is known for making larger-than-life creations, and Bell is no exception. First introduced in Vox Machina one-shot, The Search for Grog, Bell is now 30 years older and still as egotistical as ever.

While the other players are level three, Bell was a level 18 fighter in the previous quest. It has been agreed that 30 years have regressed him somewhat and he is now a level five fighter, although he will get advantage when rolling for initiative.

Imogen Temult

The first character we saw during the new campaign and our first new character, Imogen Temult played by Laura Bailey (Gears 5, The Last of Us: Part 2), is a human sorcerer. Unsure of the nature of her magic, she is on a quest to find out where it really comes from and what exactly she can do. Expect plenty of unique abilities and a steadily uncovered backstory as we discover more about her in the coming weeks.


A multi-class warlock/sorcerer played by Marisha Ray (Far Cry 5), we’re not exactly sure what Laudna’s racial background is. While she may look like something out of a horror film, with her pale skin and jet black hair, Laudna is actually rather relaxed and friendly. It’s safe to say that there’s more than meets the eye to Laudna and we’re excited to see how the world reacts to her. Will they be terrified or see that they can’t judge a book by its cover?

Aston Greymoore

A barbarian with a hole in their head, Ashton Greymore is played by Taliesin Jaffe (Tales of Arise, Street Fighter 4). They left the spring of their life far behind them. We see them rolling out of bed and looking for beer, which tells you all you need to know about their past. Friends with a small automaton called Fresh Cut Grass, Ashton is a homebrewed version of the iconic barbarian character class, so we’ll be treated to plenty of abilities that aren’t in the rulebook as more episodes unfold.

Fresh Cut Grass

An automaton who believes they are without a soul, Fresh Cut Grass, or F.C.G., is certainly the most unique of the party. They’re played by Sam Riegel (Star Wars: The Bad Batch). Akin to WALL-E and getting by on scraps of metal for food, F.C.G. brings a cheery and helpful attitude to any situation. They and Ashton are looking for clues about F.C.G’s previous party, who have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

When to Watch

You can watch Critical Role Campaign Three every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Twitch, with episodes being posted to YouTube on Monday and as a podcast on the following Thursday. There will be three mainline episodes each month, plus a bonus one-shot session featuring something completely different.