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Our favorite New Horizons 2.0 villagers coming early to Pocket Camp


A screenshot of Shino from the Animal Crossing Happy Homes DLC portion of the Nintendo Direct on Oct. 15 Image: Nintendo/Nintendo EDP
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ 2.0 update will introduce 16 new villagers to the game. This morning, Nintendo revealed some of these new villagers’ personality types, noting they’ve come to the mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, before they’re arriving to New Horizons. With those announcements came a few surprises on villager personalities — Shino is peppy type, for one — and a whole lot of excitement over which of these villagers make for the best new neighbors.

I’m absolutely chuffed, since recruiting villagers has always been my favorite part. As much as I love seeing the gorgeous designs other New Horizons players come up with, I’m no designer myself. My island is named “Island” and my flag is a white square with a single green dot in the center (it’s art, look it up). But recruiting my ideal villagers? Sign me up. Sure, it’s taken a lot of Nook Miles-related blood, sweat, and tears (and maybe some amiibo), but it was work I was willing to put in to get some of my favorite villagers like Marina, Roald (I’m basic), and Fauna.

So here’s a power ranking of these shiny New Horizons 2.0 villagers that were announced for Pocket Camp.


We all know and love Shino, the gorgeous deer who stole the show during Nintendo Direct. From her beautiful kimono to those devilish horns, Miss Shino has already won the hearts of New Horizons players, and inspired a ton of fan art. According to the Shino image from the Pocket Camp tweet, she may look “quiet” and “mysterious,” but she’s actually a peppy type who tries to “befriend everyone she meets”! I’m already thinking she’d be the perfect neighbor for Fauna, my other adorable deer villager — and I know others are hoping she’ll settle on their island too.

Plus, her birthday is on Halloween! It doesn’t get cooler than that.


Sasha’s look was a bit of a red herring, with that varsity jacket that convinced fans he might be a jock type. But this soft boy is lazy!! He loves taking selfies! “He makes the exact same face in the photo, but that doesn’t stop him from taking about a hundred a day,” reads the Sasha image from the Pocket Camp tweet. With a face like that who could blame him? I mean look at those fluffy bangs, those white-tipped ears, and the pouty little frown. In a sea of other rabbit types, Sasha easily stands out as the cutest.

What I’m trying to say is that if I don’t recruit Sasha, there will be hell to pay. I mean, I even have two extremely lazy pet rabbits in real life — it’s truly game over for me.


Some of us weren’t feeling this robotic octopus, and yeah, there’s not a lot going on behind those eyes. And a smug type too? But, whew, I want him. I need to add him to Octopus Row, aka the part of my neighborhood where all of my octopi live, and the pièce de résistance of Island.

I have recruited all three octopi: Marina, Zucker, and Octavian. Somehow, I did this without using any hacky tricks or purchasing any amiibo; the first two by dumb luck, and the third thanks to straight-up persistence. I found Marina on my last ticket of my island-hopping day, and basically screamed with delight (and relief). You bet I’m adding Cephalobot to Octopus Row, and I will do it without hesitation.


With that starry shirt and celestial color palette, Ione looks like she’d fit right in with some of Celeste’s starry night furniture items. A few fans pointed out that she looked like she might be a snooty or peppy type — maybe someone to rival Marshal or Peanut — but Ione is a normal type! Though she looks quiet, she’ll apparently “talk your ear off if you ask her about constellations,” according to the Ione image from the Pocket Camp tweet. Sounds like a no-brainer for anyone who loves stargazing, has a pastel-themed island, or is looking to add an adorable new squirrel to the ranks.


This snooty little research mouse is a heart stealer. Look at her enormous, 3D glasses-themed red-and-blue-colored ears!! Look at that LAB COAT. The snooty type lives and dies by context — at worst snooty villagers can be extremely grating, and an automatic ditch, for me. But on a woodland creature or smaller villager type? Perfection. Also, Petri has clearly earned her snootiness, since she will “stay in her laboratory for days at a time,” according to the Petri image from the Pocket Camp tweet.


This surly little man — and he is a cranky type — seems like The Godfather hamster. Despite looking like he could survive in a Tim Burton film, or like he could be cast as an Addams Family pet, Marlo absolutely fails the vibe check. (He wears a tuxedo without sleeves? Making it some sort of vest?) But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It just means that he appeals to a certain sensibility, seeing as he’s rumored to run “some sort of underground organization,” according to the Marlo image from the Pocket Camp tweet.

Do with that information what you will.


Not a fan favorite, perhaps thanks to one truly peculiar feature. This jock monkey apparently never takes off his shoes?? The Tiansheng image from the Pocket Camp tweet notes he “insists that his shoes help him run faster,” which, honestly, maybe? It’s not like we see other villagers with shoes on, nor can players gift their other villagers shoes and expect them to be worn. And while he’s got that functional fashion on the bottom, he wears what appears to be a gold circlet where you might expect a sweatband. Inconsistent king! This honestly aligns with the way other New Horizons jocks are written, with their focus on getting swole above all else.


This fashionable purple eagle is New Horizons’ newest sisterly type. She hasn’t really made waves — at least not yet. It’s not that Quinn has anything going against her, she just doesn’t quite have anything special going for her either. And while being hated isn’t really desirable, it can still make other villagers popular choices for players who like to buck the norm.

Where others were surprised by certain villager type designations, most of us can agree that Quinn’s fits her well. Her “supercool style” and desire to maintain her “reputation,” as per the Quinn image from the Pocket Camp tweet, all scream sisterly type — the kind of villager that has the dorky aspirational qualities of an older sibling. We all know Shino is actually the more stylish of these new villagers. But that doesn’t stop Quinn from trying.