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Bloodborne’s PS1 demake is real and coming early next year

Bloodborne’s retrofication is almost complete

After months of developer Lilith Walther sharing updates on Twitter, and years of on-and-off again development, the long awaited PlayStation 1 demake of Bloodborne is finally coming.

Walther debuted the trailer and release date for Bloodborne PSX on Halloween, showing off its fantastically spooky retro vibes for all to see. The game will be released on PC and be free for all on Jan. 31, 2022. Bloodborne PSX only contains Bloodborne’s first area and ends after the demake version of the original game’s second boss fight, Father Gascoigne. However, Walther said there are a few bonus areas for players to explore. Walther will also release the source code a few months after launch.

The trailer for Bloodborne PSX shows off a ton of weapons, enemies, and areas from FromSoftware’s hit PlayStation 4 hit, all remade in PlayStation 1 fashion. Everything has been fitted into the original PlayStation’s aesthetic — even the parry R1 indicator floats above the enemy’s heads, spinning like a pickup in Metal Gear Solid.

Players may never get Bloodborne 2 or Bloodborne on PC, but Bloodborne PSX is coming just before FromSoftware’s next title, Elden Ring, launches in February 2022.

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