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Caitlyn and Jayce arrive in League of Legends: Wild Rift’s new event

Two new champions with a whole lot of firepower

League of Legends’s mobile port Wild Rift launched with a smaller roster of champions than the PC version, but new members of the cast show up all the time. Sometimes, they launch concurrently with their PC equivalent, like the rogue Sentinel Akshan. More often, they arrive alongside some new event or promotion. That’s the case for Caitlyn and Jayce, who are launching in Wild Rift today alongside the Target Practice event.

Caitlyn and Jayce are both veterans of the PC version of the game, and they’re also main characters in the Netflix series Arcane. Players can earn both of these champions for free by playing the event, or purchase them with either blue motes or real money currency.

Caitlyn is a long-ranged marksman, known for her sniper abilities and snap traps. She’s a safe bet for players due to her rifle and mobility skills, and her ultimate allows her to track a target and hit them with a powerful shot no matter how far they run.

Jayce, on the other hand, is a highly technical champion with two forms. He can either use his hammer in melee, or he can switch to a hextech arcane cannon and blast opponents from afar. The best Jayce players use both forms in tandem, and he’s most commonly played in the solo lane.

Both champions are available now. Caitlyn launches with her Headhunter skin, while Jayce is bundled with the D&D-themed Brighthammer Jayce.

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