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Animal Crossing: New Horizons will have a ‘Black Friday’ sale in-game

Timmy and Tommy slash prices for the holiday

an animal crossing villager standing outside of nook’s cranny Image: Nintendo via Polygon

There are a few things guaranteed, during our time on this Earth: life, death, and the slow and inescapable claws of Black Friday.

Apparently, the made-up corporate holiday has found its way from American suburbs to everyone’s favorite quaint island lifestyle game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. How? Well, thanks to a few crafty fans, we now know that Nook’s Cranny will be hosting its own in-game Black Friday sale this year. It’s called “Nook Friday,” and the event will mark down all items sold by the Nook brothers by 30%, from Nov. 26 through Nov. 30.

It’s not the best deal in the world, but it is a sweet perk. It’s also nice because it’s well-timed with the release of a ton of new items, as part of the new 2.0 update.

At first, the event might seem at odds with the ethos of the game; we are on an island getaway, after all. Our days, ideally, are spent doing home improvement projects, fishing, cooking — whatever happens to pique our interest. However, Tom Nook doesn’t care about that. Tom Nook just wants you to buy all those shiny new items. (Suddenly, needing Lottie’s resort escape makes a whole lot of sense.)

We have yet to see if there will be a long line of villagers camping out at the store waiting for it to open.

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