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Dead by Daylight’s next chapter stars a terrifying artist and her murder of crows

The game is also coming to the Epic Games Store

A new original chapter is coming to Dead by Daylight, and it really does prove the pen is mightier than the sword. The two previous chapters, Hour of the Witch and Hellraiser, each introduced one character apiece. The next chapter, Portrait of a Murder, will return to the format of having one Killer and one Survivor available for players to unlock, as well as a new map.

The new map has some interesting surreal architecture and a ton of crows. The Forsaken Boneyard is set in the Chilean desert, and it’s the home to our newest Killer.

That Killer is Carmina Mora, known as The Artist. The Artist is accompanied by a murder of crows everywhere she goes, and they once saved her life. This Killer seems to be on the more sympathetic side; after the crows saved her life, the experience inspired her. She was once a street artist who worked to expose local corruption, until she earned a few too many enemies and she found herself dumped in a graveyard with no tongue or hands. The Entity, the dark antagonist behind the greater lore of the game, brought Mora into its Realm and she now serves as one of its Killers.

Meanwhile, Jonah Vasquez is a Mexican-American CIA codebreaker who has been haunted all his life by a sequence of numbers. When those numbers showed up during one of his CIA investigations, he followed them to their conclusion in the Forsaken Boneyard. Now, he’s in the Entity’s Realm, and his main job is to not perish at the hands of all the Killers.

Dead by Daylight will also arrive to the Epic Games Store. The game will launch on Epic in December; all content will be made available, including past editions of all DLC available at the time of release. There will be cross-platform play and progression between Steam and Epic, so veterans don’t have to worry about leaving their account behind.

Portrait of a Murder is set to be released in November, although the exact date has yet to be determined.

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