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Looking to get into game streaming? It can be an intimidating prospect. There’s hardware to consider (like cameras and lights), there’s software to consider (to OBS or not to OBS?) and that’s not even factoring in the gaming rig you’ll need to stream PC games.

If you feel overwhelmed, let this Streamer Survival Guide be your, well, guide. We’ll cover everything from the odds of you being a smash hit to how to overcome the stress of not having the most popular stream in the world.

Maybe you’re on a budget and looking to get up and running without spending a lot of scratch?

Or maybe you’re trying to get a D&D show off the ground?

We’ll even dive into some of our favorite streamers, specifically those who foster a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

So if you’re just diving into the world of game streaming, might we humbly suggest that you make these stories your very first stop? You won’t regret it.