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A close up of Master Chief in Halo: Combat Evolved. He is looking to the right and holding a large fun. Image: Bungie/Microsoft Game Studios

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Polygon draws their own Master Chiefsonas

What would the Polygon staff look like as Spartans? We found out

Master Chief is the ultimate video game cool guy. He talks just enough to let you know how badass he is and then he shuts up and does his thing. And over the past 20 years, he’s become an absolute video game icon.

But what if he had four arms instead of just forearms? What if instead of being a human man in a giant metal suit, he was a Tamagotchi? Those are the questions the Polygon staff is really interested in.

Unfortunately, Bungie and 343 Industries have never given us these versions of Master Chief, so we got together to build their own.

Introducing Polygon Draws: Master Chiefsona edition.

Julia Lee

A pink Master Chief with cat ears Image: Julia Lee

“Why wouldn’t I deck out my armor in cute colors, stickers, and accessories? I’m gonna be the prettiest Master Chief at the party.”

Nicole Carpenter

Master Chief as a Tamogachi Image: Nicole Carpenter

“I started simply drawing Master Chief’s helmet, and the rest just came to me. Master Chief is a Tamagotchi, and now so am I.”

Cass Marshall

Master Chief in shorts hanging out with a Warthog Image: Cass Marshall

“I’ve never played a Halo so after I got done painting the iconic Spartan helmet I kind of entered an interpretive realm of what I think things from Halo probably look like. In the back, you have a Warthog. And then there’s Craig in the corner, he’s just vibing. Thanks Craig! Hopefully, this is enough Halo for all you console-heads out there.”

Nicole Clark

A blue Master Chief twerking Image: Nicole Clark

“Her name is Master Cheeks, and she knows her best assets for fighting the Covenant.”

Pat Gill

Master Chief in sweatpants just chillin’ Image: Pat Gill

“This is a Spartan who puts on the top half of his armor for zoom calls, but he hasn’t had a haircut in a long time and he’s wearing a flannel shawl because his landlord hasn’t turned the heat on yet. He is also wearing sweatpants.”

Ana Diaz

Chibi pink Master Chief Image: Ana Diaz

“Is this a chibi chief or a Funko chief? As an artist, it’s not my job to tell my viewers how they should or shouldn’t interpret my art so I’ll let readers decide.”

Ryan Gilliam

Purple Master Chief with a rocket launcher and pistol Image: Ryan Gilliam

“I set out to spiritually create the Spartan that I’d wanna see when I was 12. So we have the tons of guns, the blocky armor because that’s what I thought was cool. I added the tri-visor because, as an adult, I have a deep appreciation for peripheral vison. Compared to my other shitty Polygon Drawings, this is particularly rough. But as a clear example that my art skills haven’t improved since elementary school? A+.”

Mike Mahardy, who said he could “take” Master Chief

Master Chief with four arms Image: Mike Mahardy

“I don’t want people to know whether he’s going to the beach or to the Ark, and I also would have drawn more abs if I had the space.”