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Kojima Productions opens new LA studio so Kojima can finally make movies

Ludens, the Kojima Productions mascot, coming to a theater near you

Death Stranding Image: Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Kojima Productions is headed west, with plans to open a new studio in California. This new studio will focus on some of creator Hideo Kojima’s other favorite mediums, namely TV, film, and music. While Kojima Productions Japan will continue to focus primarily on games, the new LA office will expand the studio’s entertainment reach into multiple entertainment mediums — games included.

“The new division will be tasked with working with creative and talented professionals in television, music, and film, as well as the more familiar games industry,” said Riley Russell, a former PlayStation executive and leader of the new business team at Kojima Productions. While all the information around the new studio seems a bit nebulous at the moment, the specific goal seems to be bringing Kojima Productions character and properties to other mediums — something Kojima has wanted to do for some time.

This is not the first time Kojima has had a studio under his name in California. Kojima Productions Los Angeles opened as a short-lived studio while Kojima was still with Konami.

As a relatively new studio, the post-Konami Kojima Productions has only published Death Stranding and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. It’s unclear if this new branch of the company is currently trying to sell a Death Stranding TV show, if it’s being built out in anticipation of a new IP announcement from Kojima, or just trying to get Sam Porter Bridges into Fortnite.

With the LA division just starting up, and Hideo Kojima’s next project unclear, we likely won’t hear any major entertainment news around Kojima Productions for some time. Although with Kojima’s propensity for showing up at the Game Awards, news could be coming sooner than anyone expects.

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