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Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise’s ‘ending’ is a vibey New Leaf callback

DJ KK knows how to party

Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

Animal Crossing: New Horizonsnew Happy Home Paradise DLC doesn’t have an end, per se, but there is a surprise for players after completing 30 resort homes and some facilities — like a hospital and school. And that surprise is a callback to a fan-favorite New Leaf performer: DJ KK.

DJ KK, as you may have guessed, is the acoustic dog performer’s alter-ego: He first showed up in New Leaf to spin records inside Club LOL, playing remixed versions of his songs. As it turns out, K.K. Slider is bringing back the DJ persona in New Horizons, via a floating stage at the Happy Home Paradise resort. It’s a production, and it absolutely rules.

[Ed. note: This story has spoilers for the “ending” of Happy Home Paradise.]

Once you’ve completed a whole bunch of facilities and created 30 resort vacation homes in Happy Home Paradise, you’ll gather on the beach with Lottie, Wardell, and Niko for a little party. And then ... surprise! K.K. Slider — dressed in his DJ KK gear — arrives on a floating, neon-soaked stage to perform.

Smoke fills the island. Neon lights flash. When the beat drops, everyone starts dancing. For a while, it’s basically just time to vibe while scrolling through the different creations you’ve made using Happy Home Paradise. When the party continues, you’re also able to dance alongside your island pals — coordinating dance moves to whatever song DJ KK is playing. New Horizons already had some dance move emotes for players to use, but, naturally, there are plenty of new ones to debut at the DJ KK show. Throughout the day and into the night, DJ KK will play remixes of his songs — including “Bubblegum,” which is absolutely a bop.

If you want more of DJ KK, you can invite him to Brewster’s The Roost for a cup of coffee. Specifically with the DJ KK amiibo card, he’ll show up nude — wearing nothing but a hat, glasses, and headphones — claiming that he’s absolutely not KK Slider.