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Sea of Thieves’ next season is a buffet of small, satisfying changes

Plus, scurrying rats!

sea of thieves beta Rare/Microsoft Studios

Sea of Thieves’ next season is full of fun features. While none of them are as big or impressive as, say, a crossover campaign with Pirates of the Caribbean, they all work together to help the sandbox of Sea of Thieves feel more lively. From scurrying rats to cannons on rowboats to a host of quality of life updates, Season 5 is set to add a lot of spice to the normal Sea of Thieves formula.

The first change is pretty small, but great for shenanigans. The speaking horn, which usually projects a player’s voice, can now be reversed. This is perfect to scheme and whisper to nearby allies without alerting foes. It’s easier to set up ambushes, betray foes over a fort, or debate strategy, which is a great way to help players make more elaborate plans.

Pirates can now bury their treasure chests and hide them on islands, which creates a map in their inventory that shows where the treasure is. If you want to keep your shinies safe without committing to a full trek back to an outpost, this is a way to compromise. Or, if you prefer to share the wealth, you can post that map on a quest board. If another crew out there in the world finds your treasure, you get a big chunk of renown and experience.

Fireworks and flares are exactly what they sound like: beautiful blasts of color that pirates can launch from their ships. Flares are a little more functional, acting as signals or tools to quickly illuminate an island.

Pirates can also now sit and sleep, which is one of those small features that does very little for the game itself but is still nice to have. Each ship has a bed, and the galleon has quite a nice office, so it’ll be nice to enjoy the chill vibes of Sea of Thieves while resting or enjoying a gorgeous view. As for utility, gun-toting skeletons will now drop little bags of ammunition, which is a huge relief those who like working for the Order of Souls. Supply crates can now be instantly filled now, which is a faster process. Plus, there are some fun new emotes like rolling the dice. Ships now come with rats which warn pirates of flooding ships by fleeing lower decks. For those with a dislike of the little guys, don’t worry; they can be disabled in the options.

Rare plans to release Sea of Thieves’ next update on Dec. 2, and it will launch alongside another seasonal pass. Players can earn 100 levels of free currencies and rewards, or pay for an additional Plunder Pass for additional cosmetics.

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