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Starfield’s latest teaser is all about grand ambitions and cat concept art

Todd Howard discusses Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi project

Starfield isn’t coming out until next year but that won’t stop Bethesda Game Studios from giving out new teasers about the game. The developer released the latest Starfield video on Tuesday, and it includes game director Todd Howard, studio director Angela Browder, and art director Matt Carofano discussing the game, along with a mix of old and new concept art.

In the video, Howard and company discuss what it means to make a new Bethesda title, and how the studio’s legacy has helped shaped the direction of Starfield. Howard even mentions Bethesda’s signature “step out” moments — when players first get to see the game’s world in full — and teases that Starfield has two of them.

Howard also says that the team wants to make Starfield a game that players can get lost in for hundreds of hours, but still come out with recognizable stories to tell their friends, whether that’s saving the world or other adventures through space.

Starfield concept art of a bedroom Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Xbox Game Studios

Of course, the video has more in it than just the developer’s ambitious plans. There’s also plenty of concept art shown while Howard and the others talk. There are a few old images, like landscapes of futuristic cities or alien planets, as well as a few old pieces of art that now have animated elements in the background. But the real draw of the video is the new concept art; there are at least half a dozen new pieces in this video, including drawings of crystalline caves, lonely extra-terrestrial explorations, and a space cat.

Starfield concept art of a cat on a space station Image: Bethesda Games Studios/Xbox Game Studios

While the fantastical science fiction and space elements clearly play an important role in Starfield’s world, Browder also emphasizes that this is the most grounded world that Bethesda has made so far. According to Browder, the team’s individual interests in things like robotics and engineering play an important part in the things they create for the world of the game.

A robot from Starfield Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Xbox Game Studios

Starfield is set to launch Nov. 11, 2022 for Windows PC and Xbox Series X. Starfield will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on release day.

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