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The latest Dreams update is for anyone too nervous to start making games

And it also comes with a new game from Media Molecule

Orc siblings Scoria and Gabbo face the camera in A Bat’s Tale, from Media Molecule’s PlayStation game Dreams Image: Media Molecule/Sony

Dreams is quietly one of the most wonderful and deranged things in the PlayStation library, a place to play and create games and experiences as varied as an eerie Seinfeld nightmare, a beautiful replica of Stardew Valley’s Pelican Town, or simply, a gorgeous breakfast. If there’s anything holding Dreams back, it isn’t imagination. It might be people, though: more of them could be making things in Dreams. The game’s latest update might help.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Media Molecule details the latest Dreams update, which includes substantial additions for Dreams fans who enjoy creating, and those who would also rather just play. For the former, Dreams now has a template system, allowing creators to start with a basic structure in place based on the genre of game they’d like to make: A platformer, a dungeon crawler, or mini golf, for example.

“Since launching Dreams, we’ve found that DreamShaping can be overwhelming for new players,” writes Media Molecule’s Jen Simpkins. “With our new template system, and a reworking of the DreamShaping UI, we hope this huge update will help make getting started making games in Dreams quicker, easier and more fun than ever before.”

The update also comes with Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, a new dungeon crawler made by Media Molecule in Dreams. Players will assume the role of the orc Scoria (or their sibling Gabbro in local co-op) on a quest to “cure their grandma’s terrible snoring.” Like everything Media Molecule does, it’s likely overwhelmingly full of charm — and in keeping with the update’s theme, DreamShaping will come with a template based on Ancient Dangers.

Hopefully, this will inspire more to check out the creation tools in Dreams, or encourage them to dive back in and see what folks have been up to there. I’m sure the most wonderful, and most horrifying, creations possible in Dreams have yet to be made.

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