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Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’s biggest changes, including hairstyles for Viera

Also: the maid dress is no longer gender-locked!

A male Viera waves Image: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion launches in early access on Friday and with it, the entire game is getting updated to version 6.0. There are tons of changes coming around and a lot of them are not locked to people who are buying Endwalker.

There are way too many changes in this patch to explain them all; several important ones are highlighted below. For the full patch notes, you can check out Square Enix’s post on the Lodestone.

The usual expansion stuff is coming: new areas, new level cap, new jobs

Yes, as usual with expansions, a bunch of new stuff is coming. This includes new zones to explore, two new jobs (Sage and Reaper), and an expanded level cap to 90. There are also new enemies, like a fantastic skinny alien cactaur, and of course, new story quests to complete.

Jobs are getting tweaked, with Summoner getting reworked

In case you missed the streams before, all the jobs are getting their usual big updates, including new skills. Summoner is getting a complete revamp that allows it to summon fuller versions of its egi-primals.

Male Viera are now playable

Stock up on your Fantasia, because you can now change into a male Viera if you so choose.

Currencies are changing

This happens every expansion, but allow us to remind you that your Tomestones and scrips are changing, so you need to swap them out.

Yellow Scrips are becoming obsolete, so you’ll need to change them into White Scrips at the scrip exchange in Revenant’s Toll. Red Scrips are just getting straight up removed (they’ve been obsolete for a while now).

Allagan Tomestones of Allegory and Revelation are both getting removed, and you can trade them in at Revenant’s Toll to make them into Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. Phantasmagoria Tomes are also getting removed but, like Red Scrips, these have been obsolete for a long time.

Stats and damage numbers are getting squished

Square Enix is squishing the stat numbers down a bit, as they were getting too big and hitting levels of “if we do any more damage, the system might break.” However, enemies have been scaled down, too; so even if it looks like you’re dealing less damage, with the scaling it should be relatively the same amount.

A group of four pose in a big castle-like dungeon Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Say goodbye to belts

Belts can no longer be equipped as of patch 6.0. While you won’t lose the belts you’re wearing, you won’t be able to buy them anymore. You can desynth them or turn them in for Grand Company Seals, though.

Any belt your character has equipped can be picked up from the Calamity Salvager.

The maid dress is losing its gender lock

After what feels like an eternity, male characters can now wear the Loyal Housemaid’s Uniform. Several sets are no longer gender-locked, including the Thavnairian Bustier and the Loyal Butler Uniform, but we know what people really care about: that maid dress. Just in time for male Viera!

Female Viera are getting more hair options

Plagued by what producer Naoki Yoshida called “unique heads,” Viera and Hrothgar couldn’t wear all the hairstyles other races could, until patch 6.0. Now Viera have more hairstyle options and Hrothgar will be getting more in patch 6.1.

High-quality materials are a thing of the past

When you gather items, you won’t have to worry about gathering them in high quality anymore. Items you craft can still be made HQ, though.

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