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Arcane’s Silco makes a surprise debut in Riot’s Teamfight Tactics

The underlord makes a daring return

Silco from League of Legends Netflix series Arcane Image: Riot Games/Netflix

The League of Legends series Arcane is still fresh in players’ mind after a three-part debut on Netflix, so it’s no surprise that Riot is returning to that well for its lineup of games. Teamfight Tactics, the non-canon, auto-chess spinoff that lets players build a roster of champions from League of Legends, is adding Arcane antagonist Silco to the fray.

Silco is a great character, someone who claims to be fighting for the freedom of the undercity of Zaun, but is also focused on his own petty wants and needs. he also presented a unique design challenge for Riot, because up until now, Teamfight Tactics has only pulled from the League list of Champions and their various cosmetic skins. Silco had to be built from scratch, and he’s still a work-in-progress. While we know that he’ll likely be a Mastermind class champion who thrives in the backline, Riot hasn’t revealed his specific abilities yet.

This could also lead to more units coming to Teamfight Tactics from entirely different places. In the announcement, Riot writes: “And while Silco may be the first non-League unit to join TFT, there may be more outsiders joining us in the future. Maybe some from outside of Runeterra entirely…”

It seems likely that we’ll see other characters from the League of Legends extended universe pop up in Teamfight Tactics, or perhaps even Agents from Valorant. It wouldn’t be the first time Valorant crossed over with the greater canon of League of Legends. If Silco can show up, then perhaps we could see any number of characters from Riot’s expanding catalogue join the fray.

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