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Bungie’s making a Nerf Gjallarhorn, here’s how to get it

It’s 4 real-life feet long

The Nerf Gjallarhorn from Destiny Image: Bungie/Nerf
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One of Destiny’s most iconic weapons is getting a real-life Nerf version. Bungie and Nerf are partnering to make foam-firing Gjallarhorn rocket launchers that you can buy from the Bungie store, the company announced on Tuesday.

Gjallarhorn is one of Destiny’s most famous weapons, thanks to the fact that it was completely over-powered through most of the original game’s lifecycle. After years of keeping it locked in the first game, Bungie finally brought the rocket launcher to Destiny 2 with its Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, which was released on Tuesday. Players can earn the weapon by completing the game’s new dungeon, and earning the weapon in Destiny 2 is a pre-requisite for pre-ordering it on Bungie’s store.

The Nerf version of the Gjallarhorn from Destiny Image: Bungie/Nerf

The store page has a few other interesting facts about Gjallarhorn as well. For instance, the Nerf version of the weapon is 1:1 scale ... or said another way: four feet long. It also comes with 3 Nerf mega shells, which are apparently unique shells that launch three darts at once from inside the shell — mimicking the weapon’s in-game Wolfpack Rounds.

Anyone that has earned Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2 by Aug. 1, 2022 will be able to pre-order the Nerf version of the weapon, though the specific date that pre-orders begin has not yet been announced. The massive, four-foot long rocket launcher along with its three Mega Shells and nine Nerf Mega darts will cost $160.

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