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Flirt, fight, and confront your angry exes in this new action game

“Wow Jala, you pissed off your exes so much they organized against you.”

Thirsty Suitors, a new narrative action-adventure from Outerloop Games (the team behind Falcon Age) and Annapurna Interactive, will have players undertaking the most daunting of task of all: Trying to keep your hard-to-please parents happy.

The new title was announced as part of the pre-show for The Game Awards on Thursday. The punchy trailer showed a mix of gameplay, including cooking and skateboarding. According to a release, the game will also have “RPG turn-based combat,” which looks like it’ll be worked into the dating portions of the game.

The story follows a woman named Jala as she returns to her small hometown for her sister’s wedding. Judging from the developer’s description, Jala suffered through her fair share of misadventures growing up — she managed messy breakups and overbearing parents, all the while living in a small and gossipy town. As she returns, players will help her confront this past, navigate cultural differences, and help her become her best self.

The trailer also showed off some of the world’s characters: In one particular moment, we meet a buff auntie who can twirl a 15 pound weight in her hand as if it were a pencil. She says, “Wow Jala, you pissed off your exes so much they organized against you.”

Thirsty Suitors doesn’t have a release date yet, but the press release says that the game will be coming “soon.”

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