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Dead by Daylight’s seasonal event introduces jolly snowmen

Even the Entity’s Realm celebrates the holidays

Dead by Daylight- Jonah Vasquez sprints towards a tattered looking snowman. Image: Behaviour Interactive
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Dead by Daylight may be a horror game where a handful of survivors try to escape their inevitable murder at the hands of serial killers, but that doesn’t mean developer Behaviour isn’t adding a fun seasonal event. The Bone Chill event kicks off in Dead by Daylight on Thursday, and runs through the morning of the 23rd.

The Bone Chill event brings a new mechanic to the game, which is the friendly Snowman. Six Snowmen spawn at the start of every trial. Survivors can hide inside the Snowmen, or use them while fleeing to absorb a Killer’s attack. Killers can destroy idle Snowmen on the map — which is pretty lethal for any Survivors hiding inside.

Interacting with Snowmen as either Killers or Survivors earns players custom cosmetics, like some ugly Christmas sweaters for the Survivors. Killers, on the other hand, can unlock some frosty weapons.

Behaviour has also been hosting daily login rewards for the holidays from Dec. 1 through Jan 6. Players who log in can receive various forms of in-game currency. Also, the usual props scattered around maps are strung up with some festive lights, just to brighten things up a little for the holidays. The game’s most recent chapter, A Murder for Crows, introduced a new Killer, Survivor, and map to the mix.

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