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Rocksteady shows first Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gameplay

Batman: Arkham devs show what they’ve been up to with DC’s misfit mercs

WB Games and Rocksteady Studios showed off first gameplay from the developer’s long-awaited new project, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, on Thursday at The Game Awards. Previously, the Batman: Arkham developer had only shown its take on the Suicide Squad in cinematic story-trailer form, twice at DC FanDome.

Based on the frantic, action-packed gameplay trailer, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will combine Captain Boomerang’s speed and gadgets, Harley Quinn’s agility and hand-to-hand combat skills, King Shark’s raw strength (and head-chewing abilities), and Deadshot’s jetpack-fueled mobility to take down heroes-turned-bad like The Flash. Normally, one might think that the Flash would be unstoppable, thanks to his superspeed (and hadouken-throwing abilities?) but apparently the Suicide Squad will be able to pull it off.

Rocksteady’s version of the Suicide Squad stars Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark as Task Force X on a mission to take down Brainiac — but first they have to get through Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League, who have all been brainwashed by the alien-with-intent-to-conquer. The open-world action game will be set in Rocksteady’s “Arkham-verse” version of Metropolis, so Batman villains like The Penguin will be present.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is set to be released for PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X sometime in 2022. The game will offer both single-player and multiplayer cooperative gameplay.

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