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Halo Infinite’s new multiplayer playlists — including Slayer — coming Tuesday

A variation on the basic Slayer playlist will come later

Two players in a warthog shooting at enemies in Halo multiplayer Image: 343 Industries/Microsoft Studios
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Halo Infinite will get four new multiplayer playlists Tuesday, according to developer 343 Industries.

The developer launched Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode last month, but without a number of different playlists and modes that fans enjoyed in previous games. In December, 343 Industries said it would update the game to include these modes. The new modes — Fiesta, Tactical Slayer (or SWAT), Free-for-All, and Slayer — will be added to Halo Infinite on Tuesday, Dec. 14, alongside an update to the game’s battle pass system. Since Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launch in November, the team’s made plenty of adjustments to that system, but it’s still tweaking things to get it right.

“Next week’s update will also include adjustments to challenges including removing some particularly frustrating mode-specific ones, reducing some requirements for others, making the weekly ultimate challenge less intensive (getting there is tough enough), and adding brand new challenges specific to the new playlists,” Halo Infinite community lead Brian Jarrard wrote on Reddit.

Jarrard also said that 343 Industries will update Halo Infinite with a new iteration on the Slayer playlist, with different variants of the mode, after the holiday break. The Slayer playlist coming Tuesday will be a basic one to start, with other variants coming later.

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