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NFL star celebrates Halo Infinite launch with a teabag sack dance

Fitting that his victim coughed up a ball, too

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The Giants quarterback took the snap and dropped back another three steps, looking for his tight end. But the Chargers defensive end Bosa, closing in fast, wrapped up the QB and knocked loose the ball. Sack!

Under such circumstances, it’s entirely appropriate for big-time Halo fan Bosa to bust out a teabag sack dance. He mimed holding an MA40 assault rifle and aped the herky-jerky kill cam celebration we’ve come to know and resent over the past 20 years.

Bosa even went prone; not sure what that’s about, as there’s no prone position in Halo multiplayer. I asked Polygon FPS-pert Austen Goslin what might be going on there. “My assumption is Joey’s plan was, ‘If I do this I can plausibly deny tea bagging and appeal the higher fine,’” Austen replied.

Yeah, but here’s the thing: Bosa wasn’t even penalized. The zebras were so busy sorting out who had the ball after Mike Glennon arfed it up that they either missed the celebration or didn’t understand it enough to flag Bosa for taunting. Subtle and clever! The sideline cops are more apt to whistle butt behavior, as Randy Moss and Doug Baldwin can attest.

Anyway, the Los Angeles Football Clippers dismantled the New York Football Giants 37-21 and improved to 8-5 thanks to Bosa. Wait, who’s Bosa? You really want to ask that after I show you a teabag video?

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