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This Zelda-like RPG makes overworld exploration a breeze

And a sausage stands in a beautiful forest

an image of a character jumping across a gap in project terra Image: Radical Fish Games

As a kid, I often bumped into the rocks, trees, and one-sided barriers of Pokemon’s worlds. As a result, I relish any kind of RPG overworld that allows me to traverse it with ease. Radical Fish Games showed off gameplay of their RPG, titled Project Terra, in which we see the protagonist leaping and sprinting through its vast overworld — and it looks like a joy.

We have stunning RPGs and more in Cool WIP, Polygon’s weekly roundup of eye-catching clips and screenshots of works in progress. Each week, the Polygon staff scours the internet for the most interesting games still under construction, to give you a sampler of the coolest up-and-coming projects.

We have an intimate moment between a character and their dog; yet another baddie with eyes all over it; a random sausage standing in the forest; and a side-scroller designed entirely with letters and symbols.

Running across this RPG’s overworld looks like a piece of cake

Project Terra is an ambitious RPG from Radical Fish Games. The game’s world isn’t just beautiful and expansive, but also highly traversable. A clip posted by a developer shows the protagonist leaping and sprinting through its impressive overworld rather quickly. (Gone are the days of having to walk around barriers in old RPGs.) Project Terra doesn’t have a formal release date, but the team posts lots of updates under the game’s hashtag.

This is just a pretty game with lots of eyeballs

What is it about eyeballs and boss fights? Whether they’re on hands or on random body parts, this cliché of boss design is a sure-fire way to tell your player: “This is where you attack with the sword.” This clip doesn’t actually show any fighting, but we at least see the orb-shaped, eyeball creature and the pretty scenery of the overworld. Developer Ninmang Studio hasn’t announced a release date but you can catch updates on their Twitter account.

Why is there an anthropomorphized sausage there?

Upon seeing Hottie & The Sausage Machine, I was filled with questions like: “Why is there a sausage in such beautiful scenery? What’s a tiny horse carriage doing in the woods?” This clip of the WIP posted by Hyperblast Games prompts more questions than it answers, but that’s precisely what drew me in. It’s a really beautiful and colorful environment, and it just seems to embody a playfulness rarely seen in games too concerned with fitting between the lines. There’s no release date but you can catch updates on the developer’s Twitter account.

Man’s best friend gets an emotional scene

Farrukh Abdur is a developer who regularly renders stunning scenes in Unity. Abdur has recently been posting clips of a new game that follows a person exploring an animal-filled garden. This specific scene shows a person with their dog at dusk, and strikes a romantic tone with its lighting. If you want to see more like this, Abdur’s Twitter account is a curated feed of beautiful 3D creations, so be sure to check it out.

Copypasta becomes a boss in this side scroller

Stone Story is an RPG built entirely of characters and symbols from text. The game’s characters are reminiscent of a copypasta, and bring the characters on your keyboard to life in a fun, inventive way. Polygon has covered the game before, but it continues to get new updates that add cool bosses. Like this one, which looks like a giant troll.

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