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5 more Sega Genesis games come to Nintendo Switch Online

Expansion Pack-tier subscribers can now play Altered Beast

Five more Sega Genesis games have been added to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription service, Nintendo announced Thursday evening. Those games include Altered Beast, the Genesis port (and launch day pack-in) of the side-scrolling arcade quarter-sucker, and shoot-’em-up Thunder Force 2, another Genesis launch title that has some wonderful music.

Altered Beast is worth firing up primarily for the legendarily bad “rise from your grave” voice sample, but Thunder Force 2 is a more enjoyable way to get your arcade fix. (At the very least, one should jump into the BGM test menu and savor Technosoft’s delightful FM synth sounds.)

Rounding out the list are the funky roguelike ToeJam & Earl, Treasure’s platform game Dynamite Headdy, and arcade game master Yu Suzuki’s early attempt at a console role-playing game, Sword of Vermilion. In total, there are now 19 Sega Genesis games available through the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service.

Last week, Nintendo increased the number of Nintendo 64 games, the other retro platform available through Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, by one with the addition of Paper Mario to the service.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack costs $49.99 annually for an individual user, and $79.99 annually for a family plan (for up to eight users). In addition to Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games, the higher-priced tier of Nintendo Switch Online grants access the Happy Home Paradise add-on for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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