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How to watch The Matrix Resurrections on HBO Max

What’s The Matrix Resurrections HBO Max release date?

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Neo holding his hands up with Trinity behind him in The Matrix Resurrections Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

How does one enter The Matrix in 2021? This guide will explain where to watch The Matrix Resurrections online, when is The Matrix Resurrections HBO Max release date, if there are any HBO Max free trials, when and where you can find The Matrix Resurrections showtimes if you want to see the film in theaters, and a link to The Matrix Resurrections review.

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When is The Matrix Resurrections HBO Max release date?

The Matrix Resurrections release date is Dec. 22, 2021 in theaters and streaming.

If you’re wondering where to watch The Matrix Resurrections online, then you should know its HBO Max release date is also Dec. 22. HBO Max subscribers will be able to watch the film starting at 3 a.m. EDT on its release date. The film will be available for 31 days on the streaming service.

HBO Max is the only streaming service where you can watch The Matrix Resurrections on its release date via the service’s ad-free plan.

Is there an HBO Max free trial for The Matrix Resurrections?

At the moment, there is no HBO Max free trial if you’re planning on watching The Matrix Resurrections on a streaming service.

If you want to start an HBO Max subscription for The Matrix Resurrections, here are the current HBO Max streaming plans:

  • HBO Max with ads: $9.99/mo (does NOT include Warner Bros. movie premieres)
  • HBO Max ad-free: $14.99/mo (does INCLUDE Warner Bros. movie premieres)

The only way to watch The Matrix Resurrections on HBO Max streaming is to subscribe to the $14.99/mo ad-free plan since it includes Warner Bros. 2021 movie premieres.

The Matrix Resurrections showtimes

The Matrix Resurrections hits theaters on Dec. 22, the same day it will be available for HBO Max streaming. If you’re able to see the movie in person, then check out The Matrix Resurrections showtimes in your area.

Most theaters will be taking reservations for tickets now. So if you plan on seeing the film in person, purchase your tickets ahead of the film’s release date.

The Matrix Resurrections review

You can learn more about Neo’s latest adventure by reading The Matrix Resurrections review we just published before you watch the movie on HBO Max. Our story on the fourth Matrix film is light on spoilers, but keep in mind that some story elements will be discussed.

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