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Batman, a green anthropomorphic allosaurus in a Batman costume, leaps across the prehistoric plains in Jurassic League. Image: Daniel Warren Johnson, Juan Gedon/DC Comics

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Please come look at Batman’s origin story in the comic where the Justice League are dinosaurs

Please look at this

Susana Polo is an entertainment editor at Polygon, specializing in pop culture and genre fare, with a primary expertise in comic books. Previously, she founded The Mary Sue.

We are oversaturated with depictions of the infamous murder of Batman’s parents. What was once one of the most iconic sequences in comic book history is now so completely played out that when Matt Reeves’ The Batman declined to rehash it for Warner Bros. new Batman franchise, it was honestly a relief. But I am begging you to look at one more retelling of Batman’s origin story, from the first chapter of Jurassic League, the six-issue miniseries where the Justice League are all dinosaurs that walk like people.

Writer Daniel Warren Johnson and artist Juan Gedeon were influenced by many classical works in the making of Jurassic League, like Street Sharks and Primal Rage, and their pages reveal more — a Batsaur with the bulky shapes of The Dark Knight Returns and the Joker-connected origin story of Batman (1989). From that bubbling cauldron of ingredients they have depicted Batman’s origin in a truly original way, one that fostered within me the immediate and strong need to shove the book in front of the face of every person I know, yelling “LOOK AT THIS!”

And with this exclusive two-page preview courtesy of DC Comics, I can do just that.

Jokerzard and Batsaur battle in Jurassic League #1 (2022). “Your scent...I know you...How do I know you?” says Batsaur.
In the midst of battle with Jokerzard, Batsaur sees a small human child crying over its dead parents, and has a flashback to his origin story. The panel depicts two eviscerated adult allosauruses in a gruesome and humorous way, with Jokerzard slinking away in the background. A very small and more cartoony Batsaur sits between his dead parents, crying huge tears from his huge cute eyes. “I remember,” thinks Batsaur, “I remember now!” in Jurassic League #1 (2022).

Jurassic League #1 will hit shelves on May 10.


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