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Riot teased 3 new League of Legends champions during Season 2022 livestream

A support, a jungler, and a ‘non-traditional’ bot laner are all on the way this year

Riot Games may have just revealed League of Legends’ newest champion earlier this week, but there are always more champions on the horizon. During the game’s Season 2022 opening-day livestream, Riot teased three more champions that are on their way to League in the near future.

The first champion is going to be an Enchanter-style support. Enchanter supports have usually been bright and whimsical characters, so Riot is switching things up by creating someone a little darker and more menacing. According to the teaser, this champion is a behind-the-scenes boss who’s always in control. To accompany that cryptic hint, Riot also revealed an image of a mysterious hand grabbing onto what looks like a metal shoulder.

A mysterious hand on a metal shoulder from League of Legends Image: Riot Games

The next champion reveal was a little bit less conventional as Ryan Mireles, League of Legends’ lead champion producer and the host for this segment of the stream, got “possessed” by some kind of creature who began talking about a purple city and a queen. It all seemed in line with other champions from Runeterra’s Void, but we don’t know much about this one, other than that they are a jungler.

Finally, in the most vague reveal of all, Mireles mentioned “a new, very mysterious, non-traditional bot lane champion who we’ll be whipping out later this year,” which was accompanied by this not-too-informative image.

A new bot lane champion teaser for League of Legends Image: Riot Games

While all of these champions are set to come out sometime during League of Legends’ 2022 season, Mireles also said during the stream that Riot’s priority remains on making champions that are fun, polished, and complete, and that the developer won’t hesitate to delay a champion if they don’t feel they’re ready yet.

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