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Andrew Garfield is finally game for another Spider-Man movie

Talk about an amazing reevaluation

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man Photo: Sony Pictures

How popular is Spider-Man: No Way Home? It’s so popular that it has started fan campaigns to bring back other Spider-Man franchises based off their appearance in the movie. Specifically, fans want Andrew Garfield back in spandex. And in a new interview with Variety, he says he’s game.

“It was joyful, and a feeling of closure for me,” Garfield says of his much-denied appearance in No Way Home. “There was so many unanswered questions for my Peter, where we left it.” Would he be open to answering more of those questions in The Amazing Spider-Man 3? “Yes, definitely open to something if it felt right,” he says.

While many millennials were eager to see Tobey Maguire return to the world of Peter Parker, Garfield has perhaps made the greatest leap of all three Spider-Men. The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, both directed by Marc Webb, earned high praise for Garfield and his Gwen Stacey, Emma Stone, upon their release. As one reviewer wrote at the time of the first movie’s release, “here comes another Spider-dude: This Andrew Garfield guy. So he’d better be really something, right? Well, as it happens, he is.”

But both critics and even some actors (like Sally Field, who despised playing Aunt May) felt that the Amazing movies lacked depth beyond their two leads, and Amazing 2 currently sits as the lowest-grossing live-action Spider-Man movie, grossing “only” $709 million worldwide.

But showing up on set for No Way Home seemed to revitalize Garfield’s take on the role. Hanging out with the two other guys who have also played Spider-Man helped. “I think the first time we were all in the suit together, it was hilarious because it’s like just three ordinary dudes who were just actors just hanging out. But then also, you just become a fan and say, ‘Oh my god we’re all together in the suits and we’re doing the pointing thing!’,” he tells Variety, referring to the now-iconic meme taken from the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon series.

A meme of three Spider-Mans all pointing at each other
Live shot from the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Garfield broke down some of the secrets of the suits, alluding to “padding around the package” and noting that Tom Holland was jealous of his Spider-Man costume for the very practical reason of “little zippers in my suit that I can get my hands out of very easily. To work his phone, he had to use his nose because he couldn’t access his hands.”

#MakeTASM3 has been trending on Twitter amidst rumors of Sony wanting Emma Stone to return for a Spider-Gwen movie, and Garfield’s declaration, made amidst Oscar buzz for another movie of his, tick, tick...BOOM, has only added fuel to the viral fire. Clarifying what would get him on set again, Garfield says that he would use the ethics of his character to make a decision.

“He’s a working-class boy from Queens that knows struggle and loss and is deeply empathetic. I would try to borrow Peter Parker’s ethical framework in that, if there was an opportunity to step back in and tell more of that story, I would have to feel very sure and certain in myself.”

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