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This designer Spirited Away bag will set you back $2,990

It’s called fashion, look it up

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An Asian woman wearing the Loewe Spirited Away collaboration shirt holding a matching handbag and pillow Photo: Juergen Teller/Loewe

Fashion is subjective, but I think we can all agree that Spirited Away is a fantastic subject for a collaboration. Studio Ghibli’s 2001 Oscar-winning masterpiece stars Chihiro, a young girl who becomes trapped in a bathhouse for the spirits, and must find a way to rescue her parents. Luxury fashion brand Loewe dropped their Spirited Away themed capsule collection today, which has a whole range of whimsical products at luxury fashion prices. This is Loewe’s second Studio Ghibli capsule collection.

Loewe’s collection is legitimately beautiful, showcasing the cast of the beloved animated classic across a variety of items and materials. The line is playful, matched by the website’s early internet whimsy — if you dig around for a little while, Yubaba’s Shikigami will follow your mouse. Most of the drop has already sold out.

In addition to this biker jacket, No-Face appears on a variety of black leather handbags (where his face seems to float, starkly against the backdrop), clothing items, and even a pair of slides. Other delightful non-human characters get their time in the sun, with the soot sprites appearing on cardigans, handbags (including a bag that looks like a soot sprite), purse straps, and even a bucket hat. More supporting cast, like Aogaeru the frog, get a few features as well.

Chihiro is, of course, one of the recurring characters. She’s featured on a range of shirts, sweaters, bags, and even blankets — from multicolored, psychedelic oversized shirts, to the more restrained black embroidery on cream color knitwear. Some of the more fun designs take a famous film frame and give it full-bleed treatment across T-shirts, button downs, and hoodies.

The film is a stone cold classic. I can’t afford any of these clothes, but I can afford to rewatch the movie — which is what I plan on doing this weekend.

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