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The Fox: Family Values Cover by Dean Haspiel Image: Dean Haspiel/Archie Comics

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Archie Comics’ superdad returns in 2022 with The Fox: Family Values

Dean Haspiel returns to pen another story in the life of the so-called ‘Freak Magnet’

Archie Comics will continue the adventures of the vigilante journalist the Fox in an all-new comic titled, The Fox: Family Values. Slated to go on sale on May 18, the one-shot will follow the life and misadventures of Paul Patton Jr. and his crime-fighting family as they are called to save the day once more.

The issue will include multiple new stories from Vito Delsante and Richard Ortiz, as well as Dean Haspiel (creator behind The Red Hook and 2015’s The Fox: Fox Hunt), and a reprint of a classic story featuring the character written by Alex Toth.

Debuting in 1940 in Blue Ribbon Comics as a pulp hero, the Fox was revived in 2013 via a five issue mini-series penned by Haspiel and Daredevil writer Mark Waid, followed by a second mini-series which were later collected into 2014’s The Fox: Freak Magnet and 2015’s The Fox: Fox Hunt.

The Fox: Family Values Cover by Dean Haspiel Image: Dean Haspiel/Archie Comics

“When I plotted and drew ten issues of The Fox, I was basically given full latitude to do what I wanted and it encouraged me to open all kinds of unexpected doors,” Haspiel said in a statement. “After a good 5-year break, I wondered where The Fox was at these days and realized his ‘freak magnet’’ curse had become a family affair. I decided to explore a day-in-the-life story about a man and his wife and their son and how each one of them deals with their idea of what it means to be a hero. I also wanted to deliver a tale that could introduce The Fox to new readers and spark the possibility of more stories!”

Writer Vito Delsante (The Purple Heart), who previously worked with Haspiel on such comics as Batman Adventures and the short backup series Fallout of Speakeasy Comics’ Beowulf, joins Haspiel on scriptwriting duties for The Fox: Family Values. “The thing that makes The Fox stand out is that you can tell virtually any story with him,” Delsante says. “Knowing that there are very few storytelling restrictions for what you can say with The Fox is what makes him unique in the world of comics.”

Check out two preview pages below, and process images of Haspiel’s dynamic cover, courtesy of Archie Comics:

Image: Dean Haspiel/Archie Comics
Image: Dean Haspiel/Archie Comics
Sketches of cover treatments for The Fox: Family Values (2022). Image: Dean Haspiel/Archie Comics

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