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Warhammer 40K miniatures now available via subscription in the US

Breakdown shows a more than 40% discount over list price

A selection of Necron Warriors, painted a unique gold and chrome coloration. Photo: Charlie Hall/Polygon

Fans of the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop wargame in the United States can now purchase miniatures via subscription. Warhamer 40,000: Imperium, a subscription-based collection launched in the United Kingdom in 2021, is now available stateside. Items begin shipping on Jan. 26.

Warhammer 40,000: Imperium is, unfortunately, a needlessly complicated product. What you need to know is that subscribers will receive a drip feed of monthly hobby projects — including unassembled Space Marine and Necron miniatures, a limited selection of paints, brushes, and instruction. The base subscription costs $55.80 monthly, and is bundled as four “issues” of a nominal magazine. Each issue is delivered loose, with the goal being to organize their pages into a larger, evolving binder of information as they arrive. The first binder is free, with additional binders running $9.99. A premium version of the subscription costs $67.80 monthly, and includes additional miniatures from the Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids, T’au Empire, and Ork armies.

A breakdown of the cost of all the models included in the subscription — dutifully researched by the Fauxhammer community website, which appears to be a sponsored partner of this subscription — notes that there is a significant savings over retail. While you can sometimes find Games Workshop products online or at local game stores for as much as 20% off, the entire 80-issue subscription will net a savings of roughly 40%. You’ll need the better part of two years to collect them all.

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