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Marvel to debut a new Wakandan hero in Black Panther #3

The ‘oversized’ special issue will feature a 10-page story introducing the character

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Black Panther fans can look forward to meeting a new Wakandan hero when Black Panther #3 goes on sale on Jan. 26. Polygon can reveal that in the third issue of Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley’s ongoing run,will be an oversized issue with bonus stories dedicated to celebrating the past of the character — and foreshadowing the future of Wakanda.

One form that future can be seen is in Tosin Oduye, a new character slated to debut in his own 10-page bonus story in Black Panther #3. A Wakandan youth who is deeply skeptical of the approach that his elders and T’Challa have taken in running the country and protecting its people. Hailing from a village whose people shun the advanced technology for which Wakanda is otherwise known for, Tosin offers a new perspective on the nation’s present state and its future.

Character spread art for Tosin Oduye Image: German Peralta/Marvel Comics

When a fierce conflict between T’Challa and the reigning government of Wakanda threatens to put the people of the nation in harm’s way, Tosin will have to rise up to become Wakanda’s newest defender in order to protect those around him.

Marvel’s Black Panther #3 will go on sale on Jan. 26.