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Battlefield 2042 is finally getting a real scoreboard

The patch will arrive sometime in February

Four soldiers exit a helicopter in a screenshot from Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone game mode Image: DICE/Electronic Arts
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Battlefield 2042’s next big update isn’t out for a while, but when it arrives it will bring a scoreboard with it. The first real scoreboard for DICE’s multiplayer shooter will come with patch 3.3, which will be released sometime in February, according to the game’s Twitter account.

The new scoreboard will feature some of the servers’ top players, along with your squadmates’ scores, as well as several nearby players. Along with scores, the new board will also show kills, assists, revives, captures, and defenses — at least in the Conquest example that the Battlefield 2042 Direct Communication account tweeted. While these tweaks should give players the kind of information they’ve been asking for since the game’s launch, it won’t be the only update DICE has for the scoreboard, which will get more improvements in future patches.

Battlefield 2042’s first scoreboard Image: DICE/Electronic Arts

Unfortunately, patch 3.3 won’t be fixing all of the game’s outstanding problems. DICE has no update yet on when VOIP voice chat will be added to the game, but wants to assure fans that it’s a topic that’s still “front of mind.” Similarly, there are no further updates on adding matchmaking preferences for All-Out Warfare or fixing XP in Portal.

Battlefield 2042’s next patch will be patch 3.2, which is set to be released on Thursday and will bring several minor changes and bug fixes to the game. Meanwhile, patch 3.3 is currently scheduled for sometime in the middle of February.

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