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Marvel Zombies board game eats through its crowdfunding goal

The Kickstarter has already raised $3.6 million

A Kickstarter campaign for Marvel Zombies — a spin-off, Marvel-licensed version of the popular Zombicide tabletop game — has raised over $3.65 million since it hit the crowdfunding website on Jan. 18. The project is already fully funded, with the designers CMON, Guillotine Games, and Spin Master Games only requesting $500,000 to deliver the product.

The game puts players on a New York City-inspired board, and has them controlling a horde of zombified superheroes. As zombie versions of characters like Hulk, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Deadpool, players will shamble through the city streets attempting to complete objectives. They’ll have to feed on bystanders — increasing their power and gaining new perks — and battle living heroes to stay in the game. The game also features a hunger meter, which players will have to satisfy if they don’t want to lose control of their zombie hero.

Additional pledges for the game include a second game, Marvel Zombies: X-Men Resistance, which gives players the opposite perspective. In X-Men Resistance, players will control living versions of famous X-Men, and use them to defend the X-Mansion from hordes of zombies and zombified heroes.

Marvel Zombies will also launch alongside a day-one expansion: Galactus the Devourer. The expansion comes with a giant Galactus figure, and players can change out his head and arm to make him living Galactus or zombie Galactus. Players can then defeat or devour Galactus in an encounter with its own ruleset and cards — including a living and dead Silver Surfer figure.

With the Kickstarter’s massive success, the developers have already added multiple hero figures as stretch goals, such as living and zombified versions of Luke Cage, Beast, and Winter Soldier.

There are three pledge tiers for players to choose from on Kickstarter, depending on how much game they want. The Marvel Zombies-only pledge requires $130, while both Marvel Zombies and X-Men Resistance will run players $240. Those looking to get both games and the Galactus expansion will need to pledge $410 or more.

Marvel Zombies has an estimated shipping date of October 2022, while the rest of the items won’t ship until at least June 2023.

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