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Ultraman aka Evil Superman in War on Earth-3 alt cover Image: Gleb Melnikov/DC Comics

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Go inside DC’s next big crossover, War for Earth-3, with an exclusive look at issue #1

Things go boom

Things are going down in at least one of DC’s alternate universes. In the new crossover event War for Earth-3, the Teen Titans, the Flash, and the Suicide Squad all find themselves pitted against the Crime Syndicate, the inverse Justice League fronted by the evil Ultraman, Superwoman, and Owlman. Task Force X’s Amanda Waller hopes to take over Earth-3. The Crime Syndicate hope to hit back in the opposite direction. The Flash and Teen Titans need to find one of their own amid the fight. The chaos should make for a vivid and explosive series.

The five-issue crossover kicks off on March 1, but Polygon has a first look at seven inked pages from War for Earth-3 #1, written by Robbie Thompson (the current writer of Suicide Squad) and Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum (Star Wars: Vader), with art by Steve Pugh (Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass). The action is as manic as one might expect.

Guy rides a missile down into Bizarro Superboy Guy
Bizarro Superboy Guy screams while a giant fist punches down from the sky
giant hand monster truck drives over people
flying superhero turns hand into chainsaw
Owlman aka evil batman swoops down in his owl ship and shoots everyone
Black Canary screams at the owl ship
Bizarro Superboy Guy smacks the owl ship Images: Steve Pugh, Robbie Thompson, Dennis Hallum/DC Comics

Here’s the full release schedule for War for Earth-3, and an eye-popping look at the connected covers by Rafa Sandoval.

  1. March 1: War for Earth-3 #1
  2. March 8: Suicide Squad #13
  3. March 15: The Flash #780
  4. March 22: Teen Titans Academy #13
  5. March 29: War on Earth-3 #2
The War on Earth-3 comic book covers combined Image: Rafa Sandoval/DC Comics

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