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Please give me more of Rainbow Six PowerWash Simulator

A tiny feature has captured my attention

Operators battle aliens in a yellowish screenshot from Rainbow Six Extraction Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction demands a certain amount of focus, control, and precision from its players. You can’t storm through walls, running and gunning through waves of the enemy aliens, also known as Archaeans. Instead you have to hold objectives, snipe dangerous elite enemies, and protect your two teammates.

All of this is fine and good, but there’s just one problem – I can’t stop playing Extraction’s version of PowerWash Simulator.

The Archaeans control their environment by sending out a blanket of biological matter called Sprawl across surfaces. Sprawl slows Operators down, and it probably has some other gameplay effects. But I can’t be sure, because I find the process of clearing it with gunfire to be absurdly satisfying — and so I spend most of my time focusing on that instead.

This feels like I’m playing Rainbow Six PowerWash Simulator, and honestly? I’m here for it. The way Spawn just recedes instantly over any surface is chef’s kiss. If the material can’t naturally recede, it pops into a pungent orange cloud.

It reminds me of the zen that comes from watching a Polish guy on YouTube cleanse filthy carpets, or playing games like House Flipper. There’s already a game where you play as a sci-fi murder janitor called Visceral Clean Up Detail, but I kind of wish I could just do it in Extraction instead. It’s weirdly chill, even if my teammates occasionally end up dying in the background because I’m too busy enjoying the sights along the way.

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