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Cookie Run’s kingdom expands with 3 new games

First details on Cookie Run’s multiplayer arena game, puzzle adventure, and strategy spinoffs

an image from Cookie Run: Oven Smash. a gingerbread man dives into action Image: Devsisters
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Time to get a nice cup of milk out. Cookie Run, a mobile game franchise known for presenting players with delectable cookie-themed characters, is about to get a whole lot bigger. The developers of the franchise, Devsisters, announced three new Cookie Run games on Friday: Cookie Run: OvenSmash, Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle, and the untitled “Project B.” The three games will vastly expand the Cookie Run world — and OvenSmash will bring the mobile franchise to Windows PC via Steam, a representative told Polygon.

Each game will bring its own flavor to the franchise. OvenSmash, pictured above, is described as a multiplayer arena game with “platform battle-type gameplay.” Each playable Cookie will have unique skills, properties, and strategic play, Devsisters said in a news release. Cookie Run: OvenSmash is coming to Steam and mobile devices in 2022.

Witch’s Castle is a puzzle adventure game with an original story that builds on the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe and will have players solving “tap-to-blast type puzzles” and designing rooms for each of your cookies. Devsisters did not announce a release date or platforms for Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle, but did release some teaser artwork for the game.

three cookies stand in front of a spooky castle Image: Devsisters

Then there’s “Project B,” which will be a “strategic co-op” game, according Devsisters. Project B promises a “light, lively, and immersive combat experience through direct controls and real-time interactions between players,” the company said.

Here’s teaser art for “Project B.”

the silhouette of a cookie stands looking off into the distance Image: Devsisters

The Cookie Run franchise is a series 10 years in the making. The studio released its first game in the franchise, OvenBreak, in 2009 and released Cookie Run: Puzzle World in 2020. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a free-to-play mobile gacha game created by the Seoul-based Devsisters. It was released in 2021 and quickly developed a rousing fanbase.

The next level of puzzles.

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