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Confirmed: Tom Holland pummeled for Uncharted movie

‘It was really scary’

Trailers for Uncharted, the upcoming action-adventure movie based on the action-adventure video games inspired by classic action-adventure movies, have emphasized two important qualities: action and adventure. On his quest for Ferdinand Magellan’s lost fortune, a young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) swings on drapes, swings on vines, and swings on falling cargo. To quote one Austin Powers: Nate puts the “grr in swinger, baby!”

And while Uncharted, like all modern blockbusters, relies heavily on CG effects to accomplish high-flying stunts, the adventurous action is not without its own reality. In a new featurette, Holland tries to explain just how hard he went when it came to shooting the cargo drop sequence, which pulls straight from the Uncharted 3 game.

“At times, I’d be 100 feet in the air, attached to a box that is spinning,” Holland says, “and then I would hang on until it would throw me off.”

Tom Holland hit by a cube for Uncharted movie Image: Sony Pictures

Holland says it was really scary, and honestly, it looks scary. But he gets millions of dollars to get yanked around on cords while stuntmen simulate hitting Nate with a shiny red speedster, so I think he’ll be OK. In movies like this, the effort typically shows; for insurance reasons, it’s impossible to throw a 25-year-old box-office champion out of a jet, so knocking him around against blue screen is the next best thing. Sony knows it’s what fans want to see after Holland’s Spider-Man movies. Uncharted may just deliver.

Uncharted, and Tom Holland’s inevitably bruised body, hit theaters on Feb. 18.

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