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Apex Legends kicks off season 12 with new hero Mad Maggie

Fuse’s ex-friend is here to give punishment, not receive it

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Apex Legends is ramping up for season 12, which officially begins on Feb. 8. If the ultra-widescreen format of this teaser says anything, it’s that this will be a cinematic heavy on the lore. That’s expected when you’re introducing a new playable legend — Mad Maggie — who was last seen in season 8.

Margaret “Mad Maggie” Kohere hails from the conflict-torn world of Salvo, where she grew up with Fuse, the demolitions expert introduced in season 8. She fought in Salvo’s insurrection against the Syndicate, which promised peace for Salvo if it joined the alliance. They did, and this is how Fuse ended up in the Apex Games.

It’s sort of how Mad Maggie gets there, too. After a hearing that seems fairly light on due process, Maggie’s told she’s going to the Apex Games to find her punishment there. Doesn’t sound like this will be hard time for her, then.

A statement from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts bills Mad Maggie as “a cutthroat punk-rock warlord and the Outlands’ meanest mad-lass.” Apex Legends players fighting on Storm Point over the weekend were bystanders to some in-game events that also helped introduce the newest fighter. A huge battle plays out in the skies over Storm Point, and after an explosion, a chunk of space ship lands at the North Pad. The wreckage bears the Salvo symbol, which is Mad Maggie’s calling card.

Apex Legends season 12, “Defiance,” gets started Feb. 8 with the conclusion of season 11, the tropical-paradise themed “Escape.” It looks like we’ll be getting the full cadence of reveals, previews, and teasers over the next couple of weeks, with the launch trailer due on Thursday, Jan. 27.