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Dead by Daylight’s next season is all about Saw, with new Jigsaw lore

The Pig and David Tapp get some love

The Dead by Daylight universe is full of interesting lore and scary stories, especially since it can borrow from a range of licensed settings. The next set of stories set in the Dead by Daylight canon are part of an upcoming season of content known as a Tome, which includes in-game challenges and new cosmetics. This Tome is based around Saw, which means that a previous Killer and Survivor are getting the spotlight.

The Tome’s new stories will be based around Killer The Pig and Survivor David Tapp; players can unlock a series of cosmetics, including two new outfits for the characters. While Behaviour Interactive made an especially grisly outfit for The Pig, Detective Tapp gets a sillier set of threads meant for grillin’ and chillin’. As for the face of Saw himself, Jigsaw isn’t appearing in the game, but he does appear to be canonically in the Dead by Daylight realm. In a new trailer, he shows up to question the Observer, a mysterious character who delves into the memories of the game’s cast. The Observer’s unraveled a few mysteries, but that doesn’t seem to impress Jigsaw much.

The Pig, one of the game’s cast of frightening Killers, is an adaptation of Amanda Young from the films. She’s armed with both a knife and explosive bear trap cages that latch around the heads of Survivors. David Tapp died at the end of Saw, but was resurrected into the Entity’s Realm. The game’s newest tome will include original new stories for both these characters, similar to a recent story starring Left 4 Dead’s Bill Overbeck.

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