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New footage of canceled Star Wars game reveals unfinished Boba Fett gameplay

Watch the storied bounty hunter chase down a perp in what would have been Star Wars 1313

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Star Wars 1313 is perhaps the most lamented video game cancelation of the past decade, but it’s resurfaced thanks to a new gameplay video.

The Vault, a YouTube channel dedicated to gameplay videos and lookbacks at the original Battlefront 3, posted the clip late Wednesday night in celebration of its sixth anniversary.

The gameplay video starts with Boba Fett sauntering through an underground market in what looks like the titular 1313 level of the all-city planet of Coruscant. NPCs roam around the space, with a mix of finished and unfinished assets decorating the play area.

The video quickly cuts to a chase scene, which also appears to take place on Coruscant, and we get to see Fett in action. Unlike the previous section, the chase sequence seems largely unfinished, with temporary assets and very few textures — the meat locker that Boba pulls himself through is, oddly, pretty detailed, even in this early state. (No relation to the meat locker scene in this week’s Book of Boba Fett.)

The chase plays out pretty predictably for a game announced in 2012, complete with Uncharted-style climbing, ledge-hanging, and sliding. It ends with Boba Fett tackling his mark before he can escape. The final few seconds of the video showcases some early in-game animations, including some gunplay.

LucasArts first announced Star Wars 1313 in 2012, where it featured a different bounty hunter as the main character — that character would’ve later been killed by Boba Fett, putting players in control of the famous bounty hunter. But after Disney purchased the Star Wars license and Lucasfilm, it shuttered LucasArts and 1313 with it.

For almost 10 years, fans have wondered what 1313 could’ve been. And while this three minute video is hardly enough to get a real impression, it does give us a decent look at where Boba Fett’s game could’ve taken players.