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Guerrilla Games shows off PS4 Pro Horizon Forbidden West gameplay

The studio still hasn’t shown any footage for the base PlayStation 4 version

Aloy standing on a beach holding a spear looking into the distance while a Machine prowls in the background in Horizon Forbidden West Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment
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Horizon Forbidden West is only a few weeks away, but Guerrilla Games has only shown its upcoming sequel running on PlayStation 5, despite the game being cross-generation with PlayStation 4. The studio changed that early Thursday morning, giving players a glimpse at the game running on the PlayStation 4 Pro — although the base PlayStation 4 version of the game is still a mystery.

In a new blog on PlayStation’s website, Guerrilla Games showed off a variety of short gameplay GIFs, each about 30 seconds long. It also revealed that the game has “gone gold,” meaning it’s complete and ready for launch on Feb. 18.

The first gameplay clip is a slow walk through a new city called Plainsong, where Alloy meets the Utaru tribe.

The village is loaded with color and covered in fog. Forbidden West sends Aloy to California — specifically around the San Francisco area — and you can see some of that influence in the clips below. Despite running on a PlayStation 4 Pro, it still looks quite good.

The second clip shows off some combat in what looks like the Redwood National and State Parks.

Here, Aloy is taking on a couple of Clamberjaw machines. We see her plant an explosive to take out one machine before freezing the other during a slow-motion slide. She then powers up her spear to shatter the beast.

This clip looks a bit strange, and it’s hard to tell if it’s just the GIF format or if the PlayStation 4 Pro is showing its age. There appears to be some minor slowdown in places, and the particle effects don’t look as vibrant as they do on PlayStation 5.

The final clip offers another look at combat in Forbidden West. Aloy is going up against a herd of Bristlebacks, picking them off before blowing the fuel canister on the final one.

This clip is a bit fancier than the other one, but also appears to showcase some minor slowdown.

Since these are both GIFs and promotional clips from Sony, it’s still difficult to tell just how Horizon Forbidden West will run on a PlayStation 4 Pro. And with no clips out for the base PlayStation 4, that console’s performance also remains a mystery only a few weeks out from release.

With the PlayStation 5 still difficult to find, plenty of Horizon Forbidden West players will likely stick with their last-generation consoles. Hopefully Sony and Guerrilla Games will offer more extended gameplay clips for the previous-gen consoles before Forbidden West launches on Feb. 18.

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