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Bloodborne’s PS1 demake is out, so you can time travel back to 1995

Bloodborne PSX is a loving homage to the original classic

Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Bloodborne is a pretty good game set in the twisted Victorian city of Yharnam. The player is a Hunter, slaying their way through a wet city full of bad monsters. While there isn’t any news on a sequel to Bloodborne, an indie developer has reimagined a portion of the title in a PlayStation demake. Bloodborne PSX is now available to download on Lilith Walther’s page.

Walther shared updates from the 13-month development cycle on Twitter, showing how certain bosses, environments, and animations came together. Her updates included tantalizing sneak peeks at the Cleric Beast boss fight theme, remade with a Roland SC-88 Pro for maximum authenticity, and a look at the weapons on display in the demake. The classic Flamesprayer weapon even tanks the game’s framerate — just like you’d expect it to do on an original PlayStation. It’s an entirely artificial add-on, however, and can be switched off for people who prefer modern comforts.

While Bloodborne PSX only focuses on adapting a specific district and the bosses within, it’s a novel way to return to a beloved game. Much like the thought experiment Ship of Theseus, this project is both familiar and transformative. Demakes have become “in” in recent years, with projects ranging from Cyberpunk 1997 to a Death Stranding demake.

“I would say early gen 3D games are finally starting to hit the ‘retro’ aesthetic that pixel art has been enjoying for years and years,” Walther told Polygon in a profile from last year. “I think the rise in popularity of not only BBPSX but many, many indie games that are using a low poly ‘early 3d gen’ art style is proof of that!”

Bloodborne PSX is free to download. It supports play with either mouse and a keyboard, or a PlayStation gamepad.