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Pokémon Legends: Arceus players are struggling to catch this infuriating flower

Cherrim has become the bane of players’ existences

a cherrim, which is a flower pokemon with pink petals is layered over a blurred background of a forrest Graphic: Polygon

Cherrim, the blossom Pokémon, is a mix between a cherry fruit and a cherry blossom. It’s cute; it’s pink; and it has an adorable smile that can light up your life. It’s also a piece of shit.

In, Pokémon: Legends Arceus, there is no lack of challenges. Alpha Pokémon are giant souped-up monsters that can absolutely pulverize not just your Pokémon, but the trainer, too, if you’re not careful. Similarly, Noble Pokémon like Kleavor provide a multistage boss battle that’s enough to challenge seasoned trainers. And yet somehow, this little flower Pokémon is giving trainers a run for their money.

For starters, it doesn’t appear all that often. You can find it in specific regions inside shaking trees that don’t appear as often as Pokémon that spawn in the overworld. However, when it does appear, it is ridiculously hard to catch. One account shared that they and two other people spent three hours trying to catch it, to no avail. Another user on Reddit wrote a post about it where they described the monster as “uncatchable” in their game even though they got it down to one health, after which more people replied reporting similar issues.

YouTuber Viz posted a supercut of all their failed attempts to catch the adorable little monster. It just shows Cherrim escaping time and time again from Ultra Balls, which should theoretically improve the chances of catching it.

The issue is actually a bug that the Japanese support page for Arceus acknowledged Wednesday. According to the post, if Cherrim changes form once, it cannot be caught. Cherrim has two forms: one where its petals are closed (“overcast form”) and another where its petals are opened up (“sunshine form”). It changes depending on the weather.

What sucks is that you need to catch Cherrim for the “To Bloom or Not to Bloom” quest, and need it to finish the PokéDex. And so people are already making jokes about trying to catch it. Out of Context Pokemon, a meme account dedicated to the franchise, tweeted: “[Retweet] to scare a pokemon legends arceus players,” with a screenshot of the adorable monster escaping a Poké Ball.

The frustration is even leading people to develop a sour disposition towards the cutie. One user on Twitter went as far as to say that the game “ruined” Cherrim for them. It seems, for now, this little flower has become one of the more elusive catches in the new Pokémon: Legends Arceus game. Until it’s fixed, trainers might be better off searching for its little evolution, Cherubi.

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