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Dying Light 2’s upcoming patch to improve co-op mode, fix dozens of bugs

Techland has a big patch on the way

view of villedor from a fortified settlement Image: Techland
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Dying Light 2 launched last week and players have been running into all kinds of problems since then. Thankfully, developer Techland is well aware of the game’s issues and is already working on fixes for quite a few of them. On Sunday, the developer published a Twitter thread that explained the changes that are coming to each platform in the near future.

The game’s upcoming fixes are divided into two categories: “ready for implementation,” which denotes changes that are complete and Techland is preparing to add to the game, and “we are working on,” for those problems it hasn’t quite solved yet.

The PC version has fixes on the way for some bugs that were causing the game to crash completely, as well as a few issues that caused the game to get stuck on infinite black screens. There are still quite a few fixes that Techland hasn’t finished in this version though. There are quest issues that prevent story progress, “blocks resulting in players ending in a death loop,” mouse compatibility issues, and no backup saves. But Techland says that fixes for all of those are currently in development.

As for the console versions of the game, both PlayStation and Xbox platforms got their own unique tweets, but a lot of the issues are the same across the consoles. The “ready for implementation” list is much longer for consoles and includes fixes for general stability, co-op disconnects, game crashing bugs, and about a dozen other improvements. These versions are affected by a few quest issues that prevent story progress and no backup saves, and just like the PC version there isn’t a fix for them just yet.

There’s no specific date for these updates yet, but Techland says that it wants to implement them in Dying Light 2 sometime this week.

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