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Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla trailer is a big, bloody history lesson

The spinoff hits Netflix later this month

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

Vikings: Valhalla brings with it the blood and glory of the Viking era. A spinoff of the popular History Channel show, the new series finds a home on Netflix and is set 100 years after the finale of the original series. The Vikings cross swords with the English — and with each other — as the new Christian believers and those who still worship the Norse gods begin to clash.

Vikings: Valhalla centers on legendary explorer Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett), his sister Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson), and Nordic prince Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter).

“My goal would be, at the very end, that you suddenly look back on this incredible period of time of both shows and say, ‘Wow, it was really good when they were just killing those Saxons. I miss the purity of that moment,’” describes showrunner Jeb Stuart.

All those epic action scenes, bloody fights, fur-lined garb, and sleek boats will hit Netflix on Feb. 25.