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Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ new patch makes it easier to catch Cherrim

You can finally capture the cherry-themed Pokémon

a cherrim, which is a flower pokemon with pink petals is layered over a blurred background of a forrest Graphic: Polygon
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Pokémon Legends: Arceus has a new patch out, and it should help fix one of the game’s most frustrating issues. The tiny cherry Pokémon Cherrim is adorable, but it was also extremely hard to catch.

While players picked up on this immediately, it turns out Gamefreak didn’t intend for this to be the case. In a patch on Tuesday, the Pokémon developer adjusted a few things behind the scenes, which should make Cherrims a little easier to catch going forward. Of course, just how much easier they are to catch won’t be clear until people start trying it for themselves.

The patch also includes a few other helpful fixes, including for an issue that caused the screen to freeze when offline players tried “to pick up a lost satchel by throwing out a ball that contains a Pokémon.” The patch also fixes an exploit that allowed players to obtain certain Pokémon twice, but locked them out from getting other Pokémon at all. This issue should be corrected, and the unavailable Pokémon should now appear for affected players.

The patch is available now, and can be downloaded by choosing the “Software Update” option on the game from the Nintendo Switch Home menu.